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The Belize Energy Unit plans, promotes, and effectively manages the production, delivery, and use of energy through Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Cleaner Production interventions for the sustainable development of Belize.

Our History

In February 2012, the Government of Belize endorsed the National Energy Policy and Planning Framework (NEP). This document was created to assess the country’s energy sector and propose a pathway for its evolution. The NEP highlighted the need for energy planning which propelled the creation of the Energy Unit. It is the administrative agent of the energy and public utilities portfolio that is responsible for planning and policymaking. This unit currently operates within the Ministry of Public Utilities, Energy, and Logistics. The Unit’s main responsibility is to develop policies, strategic direction, and plans for the national energy sector as well as to oversee all matters relative to energy and the nation’s public utilities. The foundation of the Energy Unit in achieving sustainability in the energy sector is built upon five pillars namely Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Clean Production, Governance, and Infrastructure. The Unit seeks to improve access to modern and sustainable energy using renewable energy, energy efficiency, and conservation across all sectors. Additionally, it focuses on enhancing energy sector governance and institutional capacity.

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Our Team

Mr. Ryan Cobb

Energy Director

Mr. Geon Hanson

Energy Officer II

Ms. Kayla Gabourel

Energy Officer II

Mr. Amin Matar

Energy Officer III

Ms. Loma Ogaldez


Ms. Cassandra Lewis

First Class Clerk

Mr. Justin Guy

Driver/Office Assistant

Mr. Deon Kelly

Energy Planner

Ms. Areli Sutherland

Research Assistant

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