The Ministry of Public Service, Energy, and Public Utilities, under the leadership of Hon. Frank Mena, hosted the annual SICA (Central American Integration System) meetings for Energy Directors and Ministers on December 6th and 7th, 2018, in San Pedro Town.

Urgent matters for discussion included; Establishment of The Council Of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency of SICA countries (Centre For Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in SICA Countries) “SICREEE” Strengthening international ties with (Memorandum of Understanding) MOU for (Central American Integration System- International Renewable Energy Agency) SICA-IRENA and report on the Energy Strategy 2030, progress and actions to follow.

Belize continues its steadfast journey to sustainable energy development by identifying the limitations and the need for a strategy aimed at finding solutions that are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and the five pillars of the Central American Integration System namely, Economic Integration, Social Integration, Climate Change and Integrated Risk Management, Democratic Security and Institutional Strengthening.