Project Name Caribbean Energy Statistics Capacity Enhancement Project

The Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE), and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the International Development Association (World Bank), are executing the CARIBBEAN ENERGY STATISTICS CAPACITY ENHANCEMENT PROJECT, whose objective is to enhance energy statistics planning and management capacity within five Caribbean countries: Belize, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, and Suriname.

The project has three major components: (I) Analysis of energy structure, institutional and regulatory framework, (II) Strengthening energy statistics system and capacity, and (III) Project Management, Monitoring, and Evaluation. To achieve the objective of the project, OLADE will implement an Energy Information System in each country, along with capacity building in OLADE’s methodology to enhance Energy Statistics, and training in the system’s functionality and features.

The Energy Statistics Capacity Enhancement Project will indirectly benefit the national statistics agencies and all the stakeholders of the energy sector in the targeted countries, including the private sector. The private sector will benefit from an enhanced energy data quality and availability, and more skilled counterparts. Line ministers and public institutions in Belize will reap the benefits of accessible energy data for decision-making and planning purposes. Furthermore, Belize’s broader population will indirectly benefit from better management of their energy resources.

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