Project Name Technical Assistance Project for 11th European Development Fund (EDF)

Renewable energy is recognized as an important pillar of Belize´s attempt for sustainable and shock resilient development.

In line with this, the proposed project “Technical Assistance Project for 11th EDF support to the implementation of the Belize Sustainable Energy Roadmap” has a duration of 48 months, with a financial allocation of EUR 14.015 million, and will support the country to implement its policy in the sector.

The overall objective of the Project reads: “Universal access to electricity from a clean and productive energy sector in Belize“.

The Project will contribute to this overall objective by assisting all stakeholders to act for moving the country in this direction. Consequently, the specific objective is: Enhanced energy efficiency and access to electricity for unserved areas in partnership with private sector providers.

To achieve these objectives, the Project will produce the following results:

  1. Improved energy infrastructure for unserved villages and households on behalf of the Government and Belize Electricity Limited.
  2. The capacities and awareness of energy efficiency measures by public and private actors is enhanced.
  3. The strategic energy planning process, including improvements in sector governance, regulatory framework, data analysis, and capacity building is strengthened.

Visit the LAIT UP BELIZE! webpage for more details and updates on the project implementation. Click here.

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